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We come from a long history of working in the technology field. Over the last 15 years, we have dedicated our careers to learning, implementing, and supporting technology. Our experience has allowed us the opportunity to continuously build a large and diverse technical skill set. We have developed the discipline to accurately identify, implement, and support any services we recommend.

We have worked for top tier Managed Service Providers (MSPs) supporting 100's of small and medium sized clients. Big enterprise companies with large budgets where IT is absolutely critical. Small businesses where budgets can be tight and there is no room for wasted expenses. Even data centers where downtime and impact to customers just isn't acceptable.

We have  succeeded in roles in just about every aspect of IT. Sales Engineer specializing in identifying the pain points of an environment, identifying the solutions that can address them and accurately scoping the level of effort and products to get things moving forward. Support Engineer assisting clients with critical outages as well as the everyday IT troubleshooting needs to keep staff productive. Implementation Engineer responsible for building and upgrading entire IT infrastructures. Data Center Engineer that enabled the birth of the cloud. Project Management to plan and see through an initiative from beginning to end, on time, on budget and meeting all expectations successfully.

We have even held management and executive level Director positions responsible for overseeing the overall IT strategy, budget and staffing.

Your technology should enable your needs, objectives and strategy, not constrain them. At RevTech IT Solutions, we focus on presenting business outcomes for you and your business. 

Our passion for technology keeps us driven to stay updated on all of the latest innovations and solutions. Our experience provides us the insight to know what works best. Our approach is to focus on the business needs that work for you.  

This positions us perfectly to be your strategic technology partner by providing solutions that deliver ease of use, reliability, flexibility and cost efficiencies. This allows us to achieve your technical needs, objectives and strategy which enables you to focus on what's really important, your business.

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